Waterloo Area

Plenary on 2009-06-14
Session date: 
June 14, 2009
Question By: 
Valerie Shawcross
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
Boris Johnson (Chair, TfL) and Sir Peter Hendy (Commissioner, TfL)


Will the pedestrian congestion in Waterloo become worse under your chairmanship of TfL?


Answer for Waterloo Area

Answer for Waterloo Area

Answered By: 
Boris Johnson (Chair, TfL) and Sir Peter Hendy (Commissioner, TfL)

Pedestrian audits were carried out at Waterloo as part of a station audit for the previous Mayor. The audits have identified where improvements could be made, and are based on the views of local stakeholders.

The Mayor has not yet had a chance to review the work to identify whether he agrees with the suggested improvements, but he does believe that the pedestrian environment needs to be pleasant at stations to encourage people to walk to them and make use of public transport.

With regards to Waterloo, we need to carefully examine the reasons behind the congestion, before seeking to make any changes to ensure that they deliver what is required.