Walworth Rd/East Street Traffic Lights

MQT on 2008-11-12
Session date: 
November 12, 2008
Question By: 
Valerie Shawcross
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


A number of constituents have expressed their grave concerns about the phasing of traffic lights at the junction of Walworth Road and East Street. Pedestrians crossing Walworth Rd are finding the new phasing confusing and are starting to cross when the traffic lights go red on Walworth Rd, not realising that the lights have turned green for traffic turning out of Penrose Street. Will you instruct TfL to urgently review this busy crossing?


Answer for Walworth Rd/East Street Traffic Lights

Answer for Walworth Rd/East Street Traffic Lights

Answered By: 
The Mayor

Pedestrians should always wait for the green man signal before attempting to cross the road. The phasing of the signals at this junction was altered at the request of the London Borough of Southwark in March 2008 because it had been observed that pedestrians were missing their opportunity to cross Walworth Road due to southbound traffic blocking the junction. By bringing in the Penrose Street traffic phase ahead of the all-round pedestrian phase, southbound traffic on Walworth road is given a longer time to clear the junction before pedestrians are invited to cross.