Road Safety Week (Supplementary) [4]

Session date: 
November 12, 2008
Question By: 
Kit Malthouse
GLA Conservatives
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Mr Mayor, would you agree with me that there is often selective blindness around some of the so-called improvements that were proposed in London, in particular around Parliament Square, and one of the drawbacks of the scheme as proposed was that it was sending thousands more cars a year ploughing through one of the biggest social housing estates, the Peabody Estate along Marsham Street? Therefore if anything, overall road safety would have been decreased rather than increased particularly since it was going through an area where there were two primary schools and a large number of families with young children living, and that there was a huge alarm in that residential area because the scheme was being ploughed through with little or no account taken of the views of residents and the affect on residential amenity.

Also, would you agree with me that there are many junctions, particularly in central London, which have extensive pedestrian crossings on the surface and have largely unused subways below, particularly parts of Trafalgar Square, Baker Street. The subways lie unused largely because they are not looked after very well and often because there is not good disabled access and ramps to them. Would a sensible thing be for us to explore the greater use of subways to our major junctions where we can both accommodate the requirements of pedestrians and of the car user at the same time?

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Answer for Road Safety Week (Supplementary) [4]

Answer for Road Safety Week (Supplementary) [4]

Answered By: 
The Mayor

Boris Johnson (Mayor of London): Kit, I think you are right and obviously it is something that TfL are actively looking at. It should give a lie to the idea that we are not pursuing bold and imaginative transport restructuring projects; we certainly are. What I want to stop doing is wasting money on things that simply had no chance of getting off or under the ground.