Parks Constabularies and Airwave

MQT on 2008-11-12
Session date: 
November 12, 2008
Question By: 
Dee Doocey
Liberal Democrats
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Can you confirm whether the Parks Constabularies are allowed to use the Airwave system? Is it correct that they have had their Metsets withdrawn, thereby cutting direct communication with Borough Police and Safer Neighbourhood Teams?


Answer for Parks Constabularies and Airwave

Answer for Parks Constabularies and Airwave

Answered By: 
The Mayor

The Parks Constabularies are run by local authorities and can have their own access to Airwave as authorised sharers. Once the local authority is an authorised sharer, their parks officers can have direct radio communication on limited appropriate talk groups with their local MPS officers. Communication on the main police operational talk groups is not permitted, but is available when required during critical incidents. At present Haringey Parks Constabulary is using Airwave in partnership with Haringey Police in this way. All London Boroughs have the same capacity if they choose to take advantage of it. The MPS are prohibited by legal contract with Airwave from supplying Parks Constabularies with their radios.