Housing (Supplementary) [2]

Session date: 
October 15, 2008
Question By: 
Andrew Boff
GLA Conservatives
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Mr Mayor, would you not agree that there is an awful lot of commentators at the moment who are telling us what is going to happen to housing and the only thing that is certain is that over half of them are going to be wrong?! As you stated, to make any investment on risky strategies would be very unwise at the moment. Would you also agree with me that this is not only an opportunity for us to build good quality houses that look good and are sustainable and all the rest of it, but which can now start to meet the shortfall in family housing that there is in London, that we no longer have to put public funds into proliferating one and two bedroom flats round London and that we can actually start to address need rather than just have to pay off developers because that is what they want to deliver?

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Answer for Housing (Supplementary) [2]

Answer for Housing (Supplementary) [2]

Answered By: 
The Mayor

Boris Johnson (Mayor of London): Bang on. Absolutely right. I know that your sentiments will be completely cheered to the echo by people across London. We have had a lot of discussion - you and me - about the Olympic Village. One of the things I want to make sure we get right there is that we have enough family accommodation in that Village.

Andrew Boff (AM): Thank you.

Steve O'Connell (AM): On the subject of building council houses, does the Mayor welcome the fact that in recognition of the previous 12 years of Labour misadministration in Croydon not one council house was built but under a Conservative administration we have now built 32 council houses with another 60 on the blocks? Does he welcome that?

Boris Johnson (Mayor of London): Of course, Steve, I welcome that and, once again, I take this opportunity to salute Croydon and its pioneering work in all sorts of fields.