Pay for PCSOs

Plenary on 2008-12-03
Session date: 
December 3, 2008
Question By: 
Richard Barnbrook
British National Party
Asked Of: 
Boris Johnson (Chair, MPA) & Sir Paul Stephenson (Acting Commissioner, MPS)


By paying community support officers a minimum of £1000 less than a serving police officer are you undermining the morale of the Metropolitan Police?


Answer for Pay for PCSOs

Answer for Pay for PCSOs

Answered By: 
Boris Johnson (Chair, MPA) & Sir Paul Stephenson (Acting Commissioner, MPS)

Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) allow the MPS to provide additional capacity to better meet the demands of policing in the 21st Century. They play an important part in neighbourhood policing, undertaking non confrontational duties in uniform, providing visibility in our communities, dealing with anti-social behaviour, providing an improved service to victims of crime and vulnerable people and conducting engagement and problem solving activities. PCSOs work to complement and support regular officers and are not there to replace officers but to carry out some of the roles, which do not require the experience or powers held by police officers. This in turn allows police officers to be deployed on more appropriate duties.

PCSOs in the MPS earn between £17,000 and £20,000, depending on the hours they work, while the basic pay for a regular PC starts at £21,000 and rises to £33,000, with further opportunities for remuneration through overtime and special priority payments.

There is little difference between the starting salary of a PC and an experienced PCSO on a 20% shift allowance, but this situation soon changes in recognition of the difference in the roles and responsibility between a PCSO and PC as a PC gains experience.

We do not therefore accept that employing PCSOs or paying them a salary of between £17,000 - £20,000, undermines the morale of regular police officers.