London Fashion Week

MQT on 2007-10-17
Session date: 
October 17, 2007
Question By: 
Dee Doocey
Liberal Democrats
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


The LDA have said they are renewing the grant for London Fashion Week to the British Fashion Council. How much is this grant, and what period does it cover? Can you confirm that the LDA have written to the British Fashion Council to say that this funding is conditional on Baroness Kingsmill's recommendations being implemented?


Answer for London Fashion Week

Answer for London Fashion Week

Answered By: 
The Mayor

The LDA is still negotiating the precise terms of the agreement with BFC, which will cover a wide range of activities to support and promote London's fashion industry. The agreement is for three years and has a maximum value of £4,286,500.

The various terms of the grant agreement are still being discussed with British Fashion Council, but LDA lawyers have written into the grant agreement a break clause should the BFC not clearly make its best efforts to implement the recommendations of the Model Health Inquiry. This will be decided on the basis of an MHI Action Plan, drawn up between LDA and BFC, and which will contain a number of KPIs and milestones by which their progress can be assessed. LDA officers will take a view as to this progress by a certain date, and will then make a report to the Mayor's Office as to whether it has been satisfactory or not. It should be recognised that a number of the recommendations of the MHI are beyond the scope of the BFC or any other single organisation, and so the BFC can only be held accountable to those recommendations which it is actually in a position to act on.