Harrow waste collection

MQT on 2007-05-23
Session date: 
May 23, 2007
Question By: 
Bob Blackman
GLA Conservatives
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Now that you have been shown to be wrong in claiming that Harrow Council collect biodegradable waste on a fortnightly basis when, in fact, Harrow residents have a weekly collection of garden waste and all other biodegradable waste, will you now withdraw your comments and apologise for your error?


Answer for Harrow waste collection

Answer for Harrow waste collection

Answered By: 
The Mayor

While Harrow's organic waste is collected every week, the fact remains that Harrow's residual waste, including disposable nappies, is only collected on a fortnightly basis. That is the point I was making. I have reservations about the effects on environmental hygiene and the rodent population and it is one of the reasons that I am not persuaded by the case for fortnightly collections.