Crystal Palace Park

MQT on 2007-05-23
Session date: 
May 23, 2007
Question By: 
Andrew Pelling
GLA Conservatives
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


What investment has been made to date in Crystal Palace park and how does this sum compare with expenditures on consultations, exhibitions and brochures on plans for the park?


Answer for Crystal Palace Park

Answer for Crystal Palace Park

Answered By: 
The Mayor

Since committing to take ownership of the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre (NSC) in 2004, the LDA has made substantial investments to maintain the NSC in working order and develop plans to ensure the 200 acre Crystal Palace Park has a long term sustainable future. Total gross spend from 2004 (up to the financial year ending March 2007) is circa £11.1m. Receipts from Sport England and GLA amount to £1.2m. The expenditure is broken down as follows: 1. NSC - £6.2m has been spent over 3 years to maintain and fund facilities such as the Athletics stadium and the 50m Swimming pool and National Diving centre. These are key sporting facilities for Londoners and have hosted, and continue to host, a number of major sporting events which might not otherwise be possible. This critical investment also included £1.5m to upgrade and improve access at the NSC and ensure DDA compliance. Furthermore it has enabled the NSC to be considered as a valuable pre Games Training Camp in support of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympics Games effort. 2. Planning Framework and Consultant costs - This £3.0m investment included all work (and materials) involved in the initial Options Paper and 2004 Planning Framework. In addition it covers a series of LDA planning, legal and design consultants fees associated with the project. 3. Masterplanning costs (Landscape Architects, Latz + Partner and associated specialist sub contractors within the masterplanning team). The LDA has invested around £1.5m with leading architects Latz + Partners to develop a Masterplan for the Park. This also includes all specialist expert consultants who make up the masterplanning team. Together they are developing a Masterplan which outlines a long term sustainable solution for the Park. The Masterplan will address a wide range of issues such as access, lighting, community safety as well as the physical landscaping of the park and the various facilities and features such as the farm and the concert venue4. Consultation and communications - The LDA has invested under £0.5m since 2004 in developing and facilitating an independent community dialogue process to ensure that local people and organisations are directly involved in devising a long term future for the park. This has included regular stakeholder meetings and programme management of three working groups and the full Dialogue group meetings. It also included a number of public exhibitions and consultation events which led to the development of a planning framework in 2006. All publications, materials and advertising costs are also included within this total.The Masterplan is being developed with substantial community participation. In addition to the continued involvement of the Dialogue groups, an extensive programme of community outreach and engagement is seeking to broaden community input into the Masterplan. The sensitivities of both this site and project require an exceptional masterplan with strong stakeholder involvement and support. The LDA is confident that this process will secure a long-term and sustainable future for a rejuvenated park that will benefit local communities and drive economic regeneration in surrounding areas.Recently, an additional £250,000 is being spent on landscaping work near the station to improve public access and the appearance of a key entrance to the park. A further £4.2m will be spent on the refurbishment of the NSC plant this financial year; this expenditure is 50% match funded by the LDA and Sports England.