Loss of Nature Conservation Sites

MQT on 2007-05-23
Session date: 
May 23, 2007
Question By: 
Darren Johnson
City Hall Greens
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Why has London suffered a net loss to development of protected nature conservation sites (according to information in the last two London Plan Monitoring Reports), given its rising population and your objective of protecting and enhancing biodiversity and access to it?


Answer for Loss of Nature Conservation Sites

Answer for Loss of Nature Conservation Sites

Answered By: 
The Mayor

While any loss of wildlife habitat is regrettable, small losses of protected sites are inevitable with the amount of new development required to meet the demands for housing and employment. The loss you refer to was less than two hectares, or 0.01 per cent of the total area of designated wildlife sites.

Monitoring through the London Development Database only gives part of the whole picture, as it more readily records losses than gains. Figures soon to be published in my State of the Environment Report indicate that my open space and habitat survey has identified around 1000 hectares of additional sites of importance for nature conservation since 2003. While some of this is land that has never been surveyed before, much of it reflects real improvements in London's wildlife habitats.