Arrests on Bus Route 109

MQT on 2007-01-30
Session date: 
January 30, 2007
Question By: 
Andrew Pelling
GLA Conservatives
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Following the stabbing on January 10 of one teenager on the top deck of the 109 bus after a gang knife brawl involving 40 young people which also saw the stabbing of another teenager near the route please advise of the number of arrests recorded on route 109 in 2006 by officers policing this route?


Answer for Arrests on Bus Route 109

Answer for Arrests on Bus Route 109

Answered By: 
The Mayor

Unfortunately, it is not possible to obtain a breakdown of arrests by bus route as the Metropolitan Police Service do not record information in this way. However, the Transport Operational Command Unit (TOCU) teams responsible for route 109 made 452 arrests from 1st January ' 31st December 2006. These teams are responsible for policing this route alongside others in the Lambeth and Croydon areas, therefore only a portion of these arrests will be related specifically to the route 109. In addition, two further TOCU teams cover the whole south-east region and some of their arrests may be attributable to route 109, although the specific figures cannot be easily extracted.It is also possible to look at the specific location of the arrest and from this count the number of arrests that occurred along the 109 route. From 26th May 2006 to the 16th January 2007, 99 arrests were made at locations along the 109 route. These will not all be bus related and of course a number of arrests that relate to the 109 may not be identified by this type of analysis.