Road traffic policing

Plenary on 2007-11-07
Session date: 
November 7, 2007
Question By: 
Jenny Jones
City Hall Greens
Asked Of: 
Sir Ian Blair (Police Commissioner) and Len Duvall (Chair, MPA)


What is the role of Safer Neighbourhood Teams in carrying out enforcement action against illegal drivers? What support and encouragement are they given by the Traffic Operational Command Unit or other specialist officers? Do local public consultation exercises by Safer Neighbourhood Teams routinely include road traffic policing as an option for priority work?


Answer for Road traffic policing

Answer for Road traffic policing

Answered By: 
Sir Ian Blair (Police Commissioner) and Len Duvall (Chair, MPA)

Safer Neighbourhoods Teams work locally to tackle the issues most effecting the safety and security of the community within their neighbourhood. Neighbourhood Ward Panels are responsible for agreeing the priorities for their area by examining the results of the wide community consultation and research undertaken by police and partners. This includes taking account of results from public events and meetings where the community has voiced concerns. This does apply to traffic related matters. If a priority set by a particular Ward Panel is 'to improve road safety by targeting illegal drivers' then it would be quite appropriate for the Safer Neighbourhoods Team for that particular Ward to focus on that activity. There has recently been an increased level of contact with Traffic OCU (CO15) around the enforcement of traffic issues where a local Safer Neighbourhood Ward Panel has indicated this as one of the ward priorities. For September 2007 there are 101 priorities recorded for ASB by motorists (e.g. dangerous driving, illegal parking and speeding) that are being tackled. Safer Neighbourhoods officers will of course take positive action against illegal drivers when they identify such individuals during the course of their daily patrol.