Plenary on 2007-11-07
Session date: 
November 7, 2007
Question By: 
Valerie Shawcross
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
Sir Ian Blair (Police Commissioner) and Len Duvall (Chair, MPA)


Do you think that there will be a reduction in the violence and intimidation on the streets and estates of south London this year because of multi agency working to combat the abuse and misuse of Fireworks?


Answer for Fireworks

Answer for Fireworks

Answered By: 
Sir Ian Blair (Police Commissioner) and Len Duvall (Chair, MPA)

The MPS has worked closely with the Mayor's initiative and very early indications from Halloween are reduced levels of street violence across London. In support of the many initiatives that take place across London on an annual basis, the Metropolitan Police, a key member of the London Anti-social Behaviour Board and Joint Action Group are working closely with partner agencies and Operation Curb to coordinate a pan-London approach to tackling the anti-social behaviour associated with the Halloween and firework period and raising awareness of firework safety. Every London borough has engaged in this initiative, with a wide variety of action taking place on a local level across the Capital. This includes a requirement and commitment from every Safer Neighbourhoods team in London to extend their regular working hours to cover peak periods and engage with young people in their borough to deter unwanted behaviour and provide crime prevention and safety advice. In support of this, a range of partnership activity is taking place across boroughs ranging from school visits to raise awareness of staying safe on the streets and consequences of misusing fireworks etc., engagement with retailers, local media campaigns, extended police patrols, additional litter and fly-tip clearance to reduce secondary fires, proactive education and enforcement provided by London Fire Brigade officers and promoting/encouraging attendance at organised firework displays. Some boroughs are holding organised events for Halloween and fireworks on estates and in local communities and local clean ups are being organised to remove any excess rubbish. In addition, the Government Office for London has drawn £120,000 (in total) from the Home Office for six London boroughs, which were selected due to the large robbery rate during the Halloween and firework period last year. This is to supplement their work to tackle ASB and crime during the initiative.