Exploding bikes

MQT on 2007-01-30
Session date: 
January 30, 2007
Question By: 
Jenny Jones
City Hall Greens
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Thank you for your answers to my questions 2788 and 2789 on cycle parking advice and the Met Police. Does any of the design advice from the Met Police specialist Crime Prevention Officers relate to concerns over exploding bikes and the terrorist threat? Is this included within the training given to these officers and has this been discussed with relevant sections of TfL, or cycling groups?


Answer for Exploding bikes

Answer for Exploding bikes

Answered By: 
The Mayor

The Metropolitan Police specialist Crime Prevention Officers are supported by Metropolitan Police specialist Counter Terrorism Security Advisors when assessing the risk of bicycles being used in terrorism. This involves, for example, transport terminals, sports stadia or specific premises. Specific advice around anti-terrorism is given for identified target areas of concern and is addressed with the relevant authorities, including TfL.