Double Red Lines Outside 3 Edith Grove, SW10

MQT on 2006-12-13
Session date: 
December 13, 2006
Question By: 
Angie Bray
GLA Conservatives
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


For over 18 months, one of my constituents has been pleading with Transport for London to extend double red lines across the entrance to her property at 3 Edith Grove, to replace the original double yellow lines which were there previously. Her drive is regularly blocked by delivery vans and particularly at weekends by vehicles belonging to football supporters and various other inconsiderate drivers, and she is frequently unable to use her own vehicle for journeys for which she cannot use public transport.

Transport for London agreed finally in March 2006 to recommend extension of the double red line to prevent parking outside 3, Edith Grove. In spite of this, the double red lines are still conspicuous by their absence, although she has been told several times that the work will be done. The latest deadline was early November, provided that no objections were received to the consultation.

Can the Mayor explain why Transport for London is unable to provide a solution to this problem within a reasonable time-frame despite many promises of action? Why is my constituent still waiting over 18 months later for the double red lines to be painted? And would the Mayor agree with me that this level of bureaucratic ineptitude is simply unacceptable?


Answer for Double Red Lines Outside 3 Edith Grove, SW10

Answer for Double Red Lines Outside 3 Edith Grove, SW10

Answered By: 
The Mayor

TfL has recently consulted stakeholders on a proposed Traffic Order to allow the introduction of the double red line. TfL combined the works to install the double red line with the resurfacing of the Kings Road/Edith Grove junction. Resurfacing began on 3 December and the double red line was marked outside Edith Grove on 6 December.