Bob Kiley TfL Consultancy (Supplementary) [16]

Session date: 
November 18, 2006
Question By: 
Peter Hulme Cross
One London Party
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Very nice eulogy, Mr Mayor. In your previous answer, you said Mr Kiley also attends TfL's offices when necessary. A consolidated list of these dates is not kept. Now, your diary is open to public scrutiny, so is Mr Hendy's (current Commissioner, Transport for London) but here we have Bob Kiley, who attends sometimes. We do not know when, we do not know what he does, and yet he is paid a daily rate more than most people earn in a month. Now, you said in 2000 that you would run the most open administration ever seen, but this is not openness.

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Answer for Bob Kiley TfL Consultancy (Supplementary) [16]

Answer for Bob Kiley TfL Consultancy (Supplementary) [16]

Answered By: 
The Mayor

You could get to a point where we introduce clocking-in and everybody clocked in and out. Not something I suspect the Assembly would wish to impose on themselves. Bob Kiley is being retained for his expertise. When we come to the very heavy negotiations that we had with the Infracos (infrastructure companies), with the train operating companies, we have got someone whose experience is absolutely unmatched, and think what you would all be saying if I had failed to retain him as a consultant, and instead he had popped up working for Metronet or Tube Lines. You would be horrified that that expertise was going into the other camp, and, I think, in terms of dealing with those sort of people and their skills, having him on our side is absolutely crucial. He receives all the papers and documents of TfL. You should not assume that what is published as my diary is an exhaustive list of what I do, and I doubt if it is for Peter Hendy. What I have in my diary is my main meetings, but I suspect that approximately 40 per cent of what I actually do is not recorded in any diary, and I expect the same is true for Peter Hendy, and certainly for Bob Kiley.