Report on Olympics Local Employment and Living Wage (Supplementary) [7]

Session date: 
November 18, 2006
Question By: 
Jennette Arnold OBE
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Can I just ask a follow-up then. You talked about the London Skills Board. Can you give us an assurance that any activities coming out of this body will add to the work that is going on? I am thinking particularly of one of my boroughs, Waltham Forest, and there is a great programme there with the LDA. What people would want to see is additional to that, rather than a new wave. Will this be the way forward that you will be steering this board?


Answer for Report on Olympics Local Employment and Living Wage (Supplementary) [7]

Answer for Report on Olympics Local Employment and Living Wage (Supplementary) [7]

Answered By: 
The Mayor

The Skills Board will have the task of actually devising a specific package of skills for London, which is quite distinct from the rest of the country. Also, by levering in the interests of the business community, in the way that we have done with the majority of the members of the Board from the business community, we aim to try and get business coming up with resources themselves. Last night, at the Chancellor's reception, London First was able to announce that several large employers are signing up for a new accord, which will mean that they keep jobs open specifically for people, and local authorities and the LDA are to increase their training, in order that we have the people to take the jobs that are now being identified. So, this is what we want from the business community; that they get back to thinking in terms, as a couple of generations ago people did, of, although apprenticeship most probably is not going to be the term that is being used, but something close to that. Several leading businesses signed up for that last night. Basically, the money we or Government can put in is relatively small compared with the billions of pounds that effectively is at the disposal of the private sector in London.