Antisocial Behaviour

MQT on 2006-09-13
Session date: 
September 13, 2006
Question By: 
Roger Evans
GLA Conservatives
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


How many Anti Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOS) have TfL applied for since the introduction of such powers? How many ASBOS have been successfully applied for by the British Transport Police on the a) London Underground and b) the bus network?


Answer for Antisocial Behaviour

Answer for Antisocial Behaviour

Answered By: 
The Mayor

The powers for TfL came into effect on 1st September 2006, and TfL has not yet made any ASBO applications.

a) At the end of August, the British Transport Police, working with TfL, has successfully applied for 218 ASBOs relating to the London Underground.

b) The BTP do not apply for ASBOs relating to the bus network as this is a responsibility of the Metropolitan Police Service. A small number of ASBOs were granted to local borough police for anti-social behaviour on the bus network.

TfL will continue to build upon its excellent relationship with the BTP and the MPS, working in partnership to help tackle crime and disorder on London's transport networks. With the new powers TfL anticipate applying for a small number of ASBOs relating to anti-social behaviour which would not normally be pursued by the police service.