Jobs Displacement and the Olympics

MQT on 2006-03-22
Session date: 
March 22, 2006
Question By: 
John Biggs
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Are you aware of comments made recently at the Examination-in-Public of the draft Regional Spatial Strategy for the East of England by representatives of the Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation (UDC) that the jobs that will be necessary to support the proposed housing growth in Thurrock will be brought to Thurrock as a result of the displacement of business from East London to make way for the Olympics? If you are aware of those comments, what is your response and what action do you propose to take to: * reassure Londoners that you do not believe that the Olympics will have such an effect; * inform the EiP Inspector of your views; and * approach the UDC with a view to establishing whether and, if so, how, they intend to attract business away form East London in order to promote growth in Thurrock.


Answer for Jobs Displacement and the Olympics

Answer for Jobs Displacement and the Olympics

Answered By: 
The Mayor

I can assure Londoners that the LDA and I are firmly committed to ensuring that all businesses affected by the Olympic Park development can be relocated within the Greater London boundary and as close as possible to their current location. The majority of businesses affected have expressed a desire and intention to remain within the local area in order to retain their existing staff, customer base and links with suppliers. The LDA has been working closely with the affected businesses to facilitate their successful relocation. North London Limited and Gateway to London as well as commercial agents are also involved in identifying suitable alternative premises within the London area where possible.We are currently aware of only one business has expressed an interest in relocating outside London - to Essex - because this best suits their business needs.In the longer term and in Games legacy, the regeneration of the wider Lower Lea, including the Olympic area and Stratford City, has the capacity to deliver an additional 50,000 new jobs for London. The London Thames Gateway Development corporation, established under the same legislation as the Thurrock UDC, will work with LDA and ODA to optimise the employment benefits of the Games and legacy.