Fining Drivers Rather than Owners

Plenary on 2006-12-06
Session date: 
December 6, 2006
Question By: 
Valerie Shawcross
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
Peter Hendy (Commissioner, Transport for London)


Does TfL believe it would be more equitable to fine the drivers of vehicles that abuse bus lanes rather than the owner of the vehicle? Self-drive vehicle hire companies suffer losses because of this anomaly in the law and miscreant 'bus lane bandits' get away without a Penalty Charge Notice.


Answer for Fining Drivers Rather than Owners

Answer for Fining Drivers Rather than Owners

Answered By: 
Peter Hendy (Commissioner, Transport for London)

Currently there is no power within bus lane enforcement legislation to transfer liability from a hire company to the hirer. TfL recognises the need for consistency with other decriminalised enforcement and has been encouraging government to make the necessary changes in legislation.

TfL encourages hire companies to make arrangements, through legally binding hire agreements, so that penalty charges may be recovered automatically from the hirer of the vehicle.

TfL offers easement to hire companies by offering an extended discounted period of 28 days to allow for the time it may take to recover monies owing from people hiring their vehicles.