Malden Rushett Traffic Lights A243/B280

Plenary on 2006-12-06
Session date: 
December 6, 2006
Question By: 
Tony Arbour
GLA Conservatives
Asked Of: 
Peter Hendy (Commissioner, Transport for London)


What is TfL's timetable for carrying out the improvements to the dangerous junction at the Malden Rushett traffic lights A243/B280, which have been promised for a very long period?


Answer for Malden Rushett Traffic Lights A243/B280

Answer for Malden Rushett Traffic Lights A243/B280

Answered By: 
Peter Hendy (Commissioner, Transport for London)

Further to your question to the Mayor 2291/2006, and also your recent site meeting with TfL staff, I can confirm that the issues at this location are particularly difficult to solve given the limited road space available.

We believe that the junction needs reconfiguring to include the widening of side road approaches, involving land not in TfL's possession. The high costs involved could not previously be justified by the relatively low accident record. Recent change indicates that such intervention is now warranted. It will take some 18 months for us to develop and consult on appropriate design options to improve junction safety and to complete negotiations for acquisition of land required for construction.

Once developed, we will provide you with an outline timetable mindful of the inevitable uncertainties associated with land transactions of this nature.