A40 Footbridge

Plenary on 2006-12-06
Session date: 
December 6, 2006
Question By: 
Angie Bray
GLA Conservatives
Asked Of: 
Peter Hendy (Commissioner, Transport for London)


You have stated that you are removing the pedestrian bridge at Perryn Road on the A40 primarily to provide disabled access, through means of a pelican crossing. Have you investigated the feasibility of modifying the existing bridge to make it more accessible, and have you also investigated the possibility of keeping the bridge, whilst still providing the pelican crossing?


Answer for A40 Footbridge

Answer for A40 Footbridge

Answered By: 
Peter Hendy (Commissioner, Transport for London)

Peter Hendy (Commissioner, Transport for London)

We carried out a detailed study to investigate the feasibility of retaining the existing footbridge.  While it is structurally sound, it has been severely damaged from vehicle collisions in recent years, and is not suitable for repair. 

If a new footbridge is provided, it would need to meet current standards for access ramps and steps. The shallower gradients would require longer ramps and these could not be provided within the current available space and layout of footways.