Fares on the Rail Network

Plenary on 2006-12-06
Session date: 
December 6, 2006
Question By: 
Darren Johnson
City Hall Greens
Asked Of: 
Peter Hendy (Commissioner, Transport for London)


Will you clarify that users of the over-ground rail network (whose fares will be simplified from January 1st), will only pay the Oyster equivalent price even though many stations will not be Oyster compatible by this date?


Answer for Fares on the Rail Network

Answer for Fares on the Rail Network

Answered By: 
Peter Hendy (Commissioner, Transport for London)

From 2nd January, for the first time, the Train Companies have agreed that there will be a single unified zonal scale for single and return fares covering all over-ground services across London.

The changes to fares the Train Companies are making do not introduce Oyster equivalent prices, but they are an important step towards achieving this and will make fares on National Rail services in London much simpler and more transparent.

When Oyster fares are introduced, they will follow this same zonal structure.

For the time-being, the current range of National Rail fares ' Standard Day Singles and Returns and Cheap Day Returns ' are being maintained by the Companies.

Overall, National Rail fares across London will increase next January by RPI+1, in line with the Government's target.

As a result of zonalisation, some individual fares will go up more than this; while others will come down. This is inevitable when thousands of point-to-point fares are being simplified to a dozen zonal prices.