Transport Safer Neighbourhoods Teams

Plenary on 2006-11-08
Session date: 
November 8, 2006
Question By: 
John Biggs
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
Sir Ian Blair (Police Commissioner) and Len Duvall (Chair, MPA)


I understand that there is a proposal that 375 Police Community Support Officers are deployed to work alongside existing Safer Neighbourhoods Teams in a joint initiative, with shared costs between Transport for London and the Metropolitan Police. These Transport Safer Neighbourhoods Teams will work to similar principles and methodology as the existing 630 Safer Neighbourhoods teams across London except they will focus on transport links and communities as opposed to local residents. What would be the benefits of this?


Answer for Transport Safer Neighbourhoods Teams

Answer for Transport Safer Neighbourhoods Teams

Answered By: 
Sir Ian Blair (Police Commissioner) and Len Duvall (Chair, MPA)

The new Safer Transport PCSOs will be deployed in 21 London boroughs during the first part of 2007. These officers will work together with the locally based Safer Neighbourhood teams to deliver a similar style of reassurance policing across local transport networks. They will have the ability to police across ward boundaries and provide a visible and familiar presence to transport users within the borough. This increased presence will be targeted towards the areas identified as being of most concern to transport users. The new officers will increase the capacity of the Safer Neighbourhood teams to deal with the issues most affecting their safety and feelings of security when using the local transport networks.