Procurement (Supplementary) [11]

Session date: 
June 14, 2006
Question By: 
Jenny Jones
City Hall Greens
Asked Of: 
David Higgins, Chief Execuitve, Olympic Delivery Authority


I am really glad you are doing all that; it is incredibly important. However the fact is that we have to justify to Londoners exactly why the Olympics is good for them because we have to justify the increase in the council tax that Londoners are paying. We need these figures. I understand about targets and how this takes up a huge amount of time to monitor and so on, but we are going to have to have these figures. We will keep asking for them.

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Answer for Procurement (Supplementary) [11]

Answer for Procurement (Supplementary) [11]

Answered By: 
David Higgins, Chief Execuitve, Olympic Delivery Authority

I want targets that do not distort behaviour, just to tick boxes and get targets. I want targets that make fundamental change in the Lea Valley and hit big issues such as water usage, waste and energy usage and diversity in employment. I am going to set targets and agree with our stakeholders ones that make a real change and tie in our other partners. I do not just want the ODA to be a beacon of something that when it is all gone everyone relaxes and it slips back to where it was. We will come out with targets, but I do not want the torch shined on us; I want us to be a catalyst to shine the torch on everyone else in London to make fundamental change in targets. You will have targets, but they will be ones that are fundamental.