Scattered Communities - LDA Support

MQT on 2005-04-16
Session date: 
April 16, 2005
Question By: 
Valerie Shawcross
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


The Ivory Coast community and members of the Somalian community in South London have recently approached me. These communities suffer from very high levels of unemployment and are finding access to mainstream services and support into training and work difficult. Part of the problem is perhaps that the spreading of members of these communities across London means that they are less "visible" to their local Councils. At a London wide level their problems are considerable, yet there seems to be no agency or donor who is geared up to supporting these communities. The LDA's investment programmes seem to be shifting again to favour strategic capital investments and the Olympics. Do you think the LDA should be working to help these refugee communities? If so how?


Answer for Scattered Communities - LDA Support

Answer for Scattered Communities - LDA Support

Answered By: 
The Mayor

My Economic Development Strategy commits the LDA to take action on a pan-London basis to tackle the labour market inequalities faced by many of the capital's ethnic minority communities. I am therefore committed to overcoming the barriers faced by Ivorian and Somalian refugee communities. The LDA is funding a number of projects that are either targeted exclusively at the Refugee community or at ethnic minority communities in general. These include a £5 million investment in refugee projects funded under the LDA2 programme as well as £1.2 million pounds awarded to organisations delivering projects as part of the LDA's European Social Fund Co-financing programme. The Ivorian and Somalian communities stand to benefit from these projects. In the LDA's capital projects, the needs of ethnic minority communities are considered in detail, through comprehensive impact assessments. Any localised problems affecting these communities would be highlighted in these assessments and the shape of the project would be modified accordingly. Along with other bodies, the LDA has a statutory duty to consult with all communities affected by our work. The LDA has also commissioned a comprehensive equalities evidence assessment that will explore the needs of specific groups. This will inform our future funding decisions.