Biggin Hill Airport:

MQT on 2005-04-16
Session date: 
April 16, 2005
Question By: 
Bob Neill
GLA Conservatives
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Will the Mayor be responding to the draft masterplan issued by the operators of Biggin Hill Airport?

Will he ensure that any response reflects the concern of residents across the London boroughs of Bromley and Bexley that increased operating hours and the introduction of commercial and scheduled services at the airport would significantly damage their quality of life and their local environment?

Will any response also reflect the concerns of Bromley Hospitals Trust at the damaging effect that increased over-flying of the Princess Royal University Hospital Farnborough would have on patient care?


Answer for Biggin Hill Airport:

Answer for Biggin Hill Airport:

Answered By: 
The Mayor

This question is almost identical to 371/2005 in February. My response then was 'I will respond to the Masterplan in the context of any strategic environmental, economic development, planning and transport issues it may raise. The document you refer to cannot commit the development plan authorities to any course of action; it merely describes the intent of the operator. I cannot commit to supporting other organisations concerns or local residents'.Many of the issues raised in the document relate to the lease between the landowners Bromley Council and the operator. This is not a matter for my consideration. The MPA is responsible for approving the methodology and outcome of the Metropolitan Police's resource allocation formula. However, along with a number of other key stakeholders I have provided my views as the new formula has been developed. The new formula takes account of a whole range of issues affecting the need for policing services on a borough including the volume and type of crimes, incidents such as 999 calls, along with social, economic and environmental characteristics present on a borough such as levels of deprivation and alcohol and drug misuse. I endorse the inclusion of social and economic characteristics as they moderate the effect of increases or decreases in crimes and incidents from one year to the next and provides more certainty in longer term planning.The formula captures all the crimes that police are required to respond to not merely the small selection of crimes highlighted in the question. In addition, an increase in the allocation of officers to a borough is not dependent upon whether it has above average volume of offences, it is informed by a comparison with previous levels of these offences on that borough. There is no anomaly in the allocation of resources to Bromley borough.The MPS Service Review will enhance the MPS ability to deliver front line policing services. There can be no guarantee that the total police numbers available to be allocated to boroughs by RAF will remain the same in the future, however, RAF will serve as the principal distribution formula.