Draft consolidated budget 2005/2006 (Supplementary) [92]

Session date: 
January 26, 2005
Question By: 
Tony Arbour
GLA Conservatives
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


I do expect a candidate who, after elected, comes here and boasts that he has kept his promises, when blatantly he has not kept these particular promises.... My guess is that some of those people, as it turns out, naïvely voted for you in the belief that you will keep those promises and you have betrayed them. You have just warned us this morning not to betray Londoners. However, I think you have betrayed them, and it has been revealed in response to answers to questions this morning, in two other respects.

Firstly, you have accepted you paid above the going rate for your prudential borrowing. Indeed you did pay over, and the City knew you had paid over it because they oversubscribed your bond issue by five times. The truth of the matter is that Londoners will have to pay for that premium you have been willing to pay. Londoners will see that `clever Ken', the man who runs rings round the City, has in fact been ripped off by the City because you have paid over the rate. That is a further betrayal of Londoners.

Secondly, in response to questions from Andrew Pelling (AM) you were unable to tell us the cost of the perks, the subsidised fares and the free fares to the former employees of the transport system in London and their hangers on. One would have thought that was a calculable figure but when you were asked why you were not considering that you said that Bob Crow would object and that Bob Crow would want to put up fares. It is a betrayal of Londoners. You have betrayed us year on year in your term of office in giving in to Bob Crow and the trade unions. Whenever they have made threats you have caved in in the most craven way to Bob Crow, who I would remind you, you appointed to the board of your own TfL. We expect a Mayor to present a budget which represents good value for money. What you have done by saying you are frightened about Bob Crow is to show you are not master in your house. Do you agree that it is a dreadful thing that you should cave in the way that you have done?


Answer for Draft consolidated budget 2005/2006 (Supplementary) [92]

Answer for Draft consolidated budget 2005/2006 (Supplementary) [92]

Answered By: 
The Mayor

The travel concession that we grant to TfL employees and their relatives ' and when you say contractors, of course the staff that have been transferred to the infrastructure companies ' is exactly the same as it was in the 19 years that the system was being run by Government.