Olympics (Supplementary) [2]

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December 7, 2005
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Bob Blackman
GLA Conservatives
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One of the clear risks that Londoners will be concerned about is that in order to fund this bridging loan, that the Mayor has put on record, some more of that parkland may get destroyed in order to fund these additional costs. Are you saying that will not happen?

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Answer for Olympics (Supplementary) [2]

Answer for Olympics (Supplementary) [2]

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Neale Coleman (Director, Business Planning and Regeneration, GLA): No, I think obviously you raise there an absolutely valid point that people would be right to be concerned that the promises would have been made about the legacy, about the extent to which there will be parkland and so on, that those will be honoured and kept and if we were not to do that, that would be a cause for concern - but we are constrained there by the terms of the planning consent that we have. At the moment, we would not be in a position, for example, where we have said we were going to put parkland to release that land for residential. There is no current intention to change that. We would need another planning consent if we were going to be able to do that.

Bob Blackman (AM): Clearly, if the Mayor gets what he wants, then he will be the decision maker on the planning application as well. What I would suggest is that you brief the Mayor rather better -

Neale Coleman (Director, Business Planning and Regeneration, GLA): Maybe.

Bob Blackman (AM): - before Mayor's Question Time meetings when we are asking questions about the challenges.