Policy on Tasers

Plenary on 2005-06-15
Session date: 
June 15, 2005
Question By: 
Jenny Jones
City Hall Greens
Asked Of: 
Len Duvall, Chair, Metropolitan Police Authority


What is the MPS policy on the use of tasers? How many officers are trained in their use? Do you agree that these stun guns are powerful weapons and that their use should not be extended to officers who have not been trained in use of firearms?


Answer for Policy on Tasers

Answer for Policy on Tasers

Answered By: 
Len Duvall, Chair, Metropolitan Police Authority

The Met policy with regards to the use of taser is as follows:

· It is only deployed where police officers may have to face an individual who is armed or otherwise so dangerous, that the use of a firearm by an officer may be necessary.· Therefore, the Taser is only deployed in circumstances where firearms officers are authorised to carry firearms. · Taser will be readily available to all armed officers and will only be deployed alongside conventional firearms.· The Taser is not a replacement for conventional firearms but is an option that should be considered alongside others, such as negotiation, dogs and baton guns. These do not constitute a hierarchy of lawful force and should be viewed as a range of options from which the most appropriate should be selected.· Officers are trained in line with these principles.· The Command structure is in accordance with current advice contained within the ACPO Manual of guidance on the Police Use of Firearms

Taser is presently restricted to all authorised firearms officers within SO19, the MPS Force Firearms Unit. The following figures are a rough guide as they change on a weekly basis.

The total establishment at SO19 is 547, of which the following are armed:

· 11 Inspectors· 49 Sergeants · 372 Constables· TOTAL = 432 officers

It is anticipated that in the very near future, this will be extended to include all armed officers within the MPS. This will include SO16 (DPG), SO18 (Airport) and Belmarsh Firearms Team. Currently only authorised firearms officers are trained in the use of Taser. This may change in the future with the training of selected officers within the TSG.