Mobile Phones on the Underground

Plenary on 2005-04-06
Session date: 
April 6, 2005
Question By: 
Bob Neill
GLA Conservatives
Asked Of: 
Bob Kiley


1)How much will it cost to implement your planned mobile phone use on a. Tube stations b. Tube trains?

2)Do you expect this scheme to be a cost burden on London Underground or a revenue raiser? How much do you expect it will cost - or will raise in revenue?

3)Do you propose charging mobile phone companies for access to mobile phone reception on the Tube or are you proposing another form of market mechanism or another form of mechanism altogether? If so, could you explain what it is.

4)Could there be health implications linked to reception provided for mobile phone users in confined spaces such as the Tube?


Answer for Mobile Phones on the Underground

Answer for Mobile Phones on the Underground

Answered By: 
Bob Kiley

1) The plan is to only provide coverage on stations to platform level. The cost will be met by a third party/ group of third parties.2) The project will be a source of revenue. We are embarking upon a phase of market consultation in order to fully ascertain the revenues that can be achieved.3) The Mobile Phone Operators will pay LU to access LU customers. There are a number of payment mechanisms suggested, the final mechanism has yet to be agreed.4) At this moment it is not considered that there will be any additional risk to the Mobile Phone User in the LU environment as opposed to other environments. A pilot trial is planned and this is an issue that will be covered.