MQT on 2004-10-20
Session date: 
October 20, 2004
Question By: 
Jennette Arnold OBE
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Is the Mayor aware of the widespread divergence between boroughs in securing ASBOs to deal with anti-social behaviour across London? What measures can the GLA take to support the MPS and encourage boroughs and social landlords to use their powers against anti-social behaviour?


Answer for ASBOs

Answer for ASBOs

Answered By: 
The Mayor

Details of divergence between boroughs securing anti?social behaviour orders are not available from the Metropolitan Police as a data set. However, the Government Office for London (GoL) are working towards making this level of data available. My offices are currently finalising the London anti?social behaviour strategy. This has been written in partnership with stakeholder agencies involved in anti?social behaviour in London, with the aim of providing a reasonable framework for ASB work. The programme of action within the strategy demonstrates the support of the GLA and other London agencies for the MPS ' the boroughs and social landlords ' and outlines the powers available to use against anti?social behaviour. The strategy should bridge the gap between national strategy on anti?social behaviour, and the local programmes of action being developed and implemented by the 33 crime and disorder reduction partnerships that exist across London.

Signatories to the strategy, which include the MPS and the MPA, have vital roles to play in relation to anti?social behaviour, through providing strategic direction, funding, training, support for local services, and some frontline services. Most importantly, the strategy will facilitate a coordinated approach to anti?social behaviour, both within and between the boroughs. The right balance has to be struck between enforcement work in response to anti?social behaviour and preventative work to stop anti?social behaviour occurring in the first place. However, there are clearly divergent approaches to the use of anti?social behaviour orders, given the Liberal Democrats opposed the legislation in Parliament. The recent success in Neasden, where a gang terrorising a local estate were prevented from doing so with the help of anti?social behaviour orders demonstrates the usefulness of these orders in fighting crime and violent behaviour. If the Government had listened to the Liberal Democrats in Parliament, then the people on this estate, in my old constituency, would almost certainly still face daily harassment and intimidation. I note the local Member of Parliament did not back Brent Council's tough use of the anti?social behaviour orders