Safety of bicycle messengers

MQT on 2004-04-28
Session date: 
April 28, 2004
Question By: 
Noel Lynch
City Hall Greens
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


On 23 February 2004, London bicycle messenger Sebastian Lukomski was killed by a collision with a Heavy Goods Vehicle at the junction of Lower Thames Street and Queen Street Place. He is the 7th London bicycle messenger to have died whilst working. All 7 have been killed by collisions with HGVs. The majority of cyclists killed or seriously injured in Central London are involved in collisions with HGVs.

On 19 March the London Bicycle Messenger Association (LBMA), the representative body of London's bicycle messengers, wrote to the Mayor to ask him to consider various measures, including restricting HGV movements in the Congestion Charge Zone, in an effort to improve safety of London's bicycle messengers and other cyclists. As of 16 April, no acknowledgement had been received. Can the Mayor acknowledge receipt of the letter and give an indication of when a formal response can be expected?



Answer for Safety of bicycle messengers

Answer for Safety of bicycle messengers

Answered By: 
The Mayor

I was sorry to hear of the tragic accident involving Mr Lukomski. Please accept my apologies for the delay in responding to the LBMA. I can confirm that I have received the letter and a formal response was sent out to Mr Chidley at the LBMA on 26 April. I have sent a copy of this letter to you.I share the LBMA's concerns and have asked TfL to look into ways in which we can require Heavy Goods Vehicles to fit equipment that removes the blind spot.TfL are undertaking a campaign to warn both HGV drivers and cyclists of the dangers. They are currently negotiating with a major supermarket chain and finalising a design which they hope to place on the back of the 300 plus lorries that are used for deliveries in the London area. TfL are confident that once this initiative starts they will get other HGV operators to join. .