Policing in Thames Gateway

Plenary on 2004-03-17
Session date: 
March 17, 2004
Question By: 
Diana Johnson
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
Jeff Jacobs-Thames Gateway, LDA


What steps are the LDA and Thames Gateway UDC taking to liaise with the MPS, MPA and BTP regarding policing needs in the new Thames Gateway area? .


Answer for Policing in Thames Gateway

Answer for Policing in Thames Gateway

Answered By: 
Jeff Jacobs-Thames Gateway, LDA

To date, LDA work on the Gateway has focused on investment required for the physical development of the Gateway, and an allowance has been made for infrastructure to support future policing needs, under a generic investment heading. Whilst detailed thematic study work has been commissioned to evidence base health and education infrastructure requirements, no such work has been commissioned by the Agency to detail infrastructure requirements for policing needs. We would be happy to have any discussions on policing needs, and this may be addressed through further work on a "social strategy" for London Thames Gateway. .