Crossrail: West London routes

Plenary on 2004-01-14
Session date: 
January 14, 2004
Question By: 
Noel Lynch
City Hall Greens
Asked Of: 
Ken Livingstone


Can you confirm reports that TfL is unenthusiastic about the proposed Richmond corridor component of Crossrail? Do you agree that alternative West London routes (e.g. a stopping service from Paddington to Slough - connecting West Drayton, Southall and Hanwell, and a route from Paddington via Acton and Park Royal to Uxbridge) would do far more to assist regeneration and reduce car use? .


Answer for Crossrail: West London routes

Answer for Crossrail: West London routes

Answered By: 
Ken Livingstone

Transport for London (TfL) is a 50/50 stakeholder with the SRA in Cross London Rail Links Ltd (CLRL) - the Government-funded organisation charged with developing proposals for the Crossrail scheme, and is working to review all aspects of the Crossrail Scheme in support of the Government's review.The so-called benchmark scheme was chosen by CLRL, in its June 2003 submission to the Government, and routing options are currently being reviewed by the Government, taking into account benefits, costs and affordability issues. Personally, I would like to see Crossrail serve Southall, to provide a better service in this area, both to central London and Heathrow, and I expect the case for such a service to be considered as part of the current Government review of Crossrail. .