Central Line

Plenary on 2004-01-14
Session date: 
January 14, 2004
Question By: 
Meg Hillier
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
Ken Livingstone


Tim O'Toole (letter dated 24 October 2003) informed me that once the overview by an independent engineering firm has been completed at the end of 2003 we would know if Metronet has met its targets. Has it met its targets? If they have not what methods will you impose so that they improve this service and meet these targets? .


Answer for Central Line

Answer for Central Line

Answered By: 
Ken Livingstone

Tim's 24/10/03 letter to Meg Hillier says "The engineering assessment of the trains, which is to be delivered by the end of the year, will tell us whether Metronet will be able to hit the targets that you cite over the next 2 years". Meg Hillier's original letter cited Metronet targets due for delivery in 2005 and 2006 that were taken from the TfL document "Focus on London's Tube" published mid July 2003.Metronet's latest forecast is that they can achieve their contractual targets. LUL continues to monitor their progress against such. .