Oxford Street

Plenary on 2004-01-14
Session date: 
January 14, 2004
Question By: 
Lynne Featherstone
Liberal Democrats
Asked Of: 
Ken Livingstone


Can you explain in detail what work has been carried out by Transport for London about the costs and feasibility of running a tram down Oxford Street? .


Answer for Oxford Street

Answer for Oxford Street

Answered By: 
Ken Livingstone

TfL has not been asked to examine the question of a tramway running in the Oxford Street corridor. Accordingly, TfL is exclusively focussing its resources on developing transit schemes in Greenwich, East London, the West London Tram, Cross-River Transit and the Croydon Tramlink Extensions. At the moment it is essential that resources are directed to delivering these schemes rather than to investigating a whole range of other ideas. .