Plenary on 2004-01-14
Session date: 
January 14, 2004
Question By: 
Mike Tuffrey
Liberal Democrats
Asked Of: 
Ken Livingstone


You have frequently rejected suggestions that there is a `black hole" in Transport for London"s budget. Is it therefore really necessary for Transport for London to be evicting elderly residents from the homes they have lived in for half their lives? .


Answer for Evictions

Answer for Evictions

Answered By: 
Ken Livingstone

The properties in question were inherited by TfL upon its formation, having originally been acquired by our predecessors for a road improvement scheme which was later scrapped. The properties are therefore surplus to TfL's operational requirements and as TfL is not a Housing Authority it has no locus to continue to hold them.TfL is under a statutory duty to obtain best value upon the disposal of its surplus assets. With residential properties, in most cases we can meet this requirement by disposal to Housing Associations or other Registered Social Landlords subject to the existing tenancies but in a very few cases, where the properties are of greatest value for redevelopment, it is unfortunately necessary for us to seek possession from the existing occupants if we are to meet our statutory duty.In these few cases, we give the occupants as much notice as possible and do everything that we can to treat them sympathetically. We work closely with the occupants to understand their circumstances and needs to enable us to assist them in finding suitable alternative accommodation well before we need possession. .