272 Bus update

MQT on 2003-11-19
Session date: 
November 19, 2003
Question By: 
Angie Bray
GLA Conservatives
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


I am informed that your written answer to me, received in October, concerning the hit and run incident caused by a 272 bus in Emlyn Road in August, is not correct. First, the bus driver was indeed aware he had hit a parked vehicle according to a witness statement of which you are in receipt. The collision was heavy enough to trigger the car alarm and the driver stopped before driving off. Secondly, the owner of the car is certainly not content with the way he has been treated. He has written to London United to ask for compensation for loss of earnings as he is self-employed and dependent on the use of his car for work (a copy of the letter can be sent to your office). Can you please let me know whether you agree that he should be compensated and if you can intervene to help in this matter? . .


Answer for 272 Bus update

Answer for 272 Bus update

Answered By: 
The Mayor

A response to this question has not been recorded. In view of the timescales involved, no further action to identify a response is being taken.