Update to the Mayors Report (Supplementary) [3]

Session date: 
November 19, 2003
Question By: 
Valerie Shawcross
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


I certainly welcome, what I would say is, another landmark building, an elegant addition to the skyline. I think also that the Heron Tower has been a wonderful precedent for London. I am glad to say that I have had very, very few comments or complaints from residents on this issue, but I do think it is important to bear in mind that there is a population. There are people who live around this area and to some extent I think they feel themselves in the frontline of regeneration. There is a lot of building work going on around here. As much as we do welcome this building, I also hope that you will press on developers the importance of considerate building practices. People have to put up with noise, dust and lorries on two sides, I think. I do hope you will make it clear to the developers that people have been generous in accepting this development and they deserve some consideration during the building process.

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Answer for Update to the Mayors Report (Supplementary) [3]

Answer for Update to the Mayors Report (Supplementary) [3]

Answered By: 
The Mayor

That is absolutely right because this will clearly be a long period of construction. I do not have the slightest doubt that the developer wishes this to be his legacy, a landmark building, which will define his career. I think we will find very much an open door both with him and the architect, Renzo Piano, who brings perhaps a much more open approach to things than has perhaps been the case with many English architects in the past.