Visit to LB Bromley (Supplementary) [8]

Session date: 
July 16, 2003
Question By: 
Samantha Heath
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


I am delighted that Bob Neill is trying to get you to go to Bromley because you really kicked up a stink when I go to his constituency and I would really like to come with you. I have got two questions and we are only allowed to have the one so I will just put in it.

Are you aware that David Dilner, who is the Borough Commander, was forced to correct untrue Conservative councillors in last week's Bromley News Shopper, which I read avidly of course. He was actually forced to correct these untruths because Bromley has got 430 officers with another 20 to time?tabled for this year. So when the borough commander is actually stepping in to correct Conservative propaganda, I think that is something that you might like to be aware of.

The real question that I have got is, reading that tome, the Bromley New Shopper, which I delight to read, a poll they recently did showed that the majority of residents agree with me that actually the borough is not doing enough about graffiti, fly?posting and the poor local environment because they have not signed up to Capital Standards. That is another thing but the local community are actually fed up with it as well and would you recommend that they join Capital Standards? Is there anything we can do about that because there are some boroughs, Greenwich is a good example, where they really are tackling graffiti?

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Answer for Visit to LB Bromley (Supplementary) [8]

Answer for Visit to LB Bromley (Supplementary) [8]

Answered By: 
The Mayor

Can I say you would never guess that there is an election coming but it is still 11 months away. I will be delighted to have Samantha Heath accompany me to Bromley if she wants to come. Any of you are free to come on any of my perambulations around London. I do notice you are all there when I do turn up in your constituencies and I will certainly be getting around a lot during the election period. I will be able to inform them of how well you have all done.