Olympics and Car free developments (Supplementary) [18]

Session date: 
June 18, 2003
Question By: 
Jenny Jones
City Hall Greens
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


We have actually got to think about the majority of Londoners, not just those who own their own homes and can let them if they live in a convenient place. What will be the legacy for Londoners who do not own their own homes, who are perhaps vulnerable and cannot see that they will get anything out of this at all?


Answer for Olympics and Car free developments (Supplementary) [18]

Answer for Olympics and Car free developments (Supplementary) [18]

Answered By: 
The Mayor

For a start, the East End will get 5,000 new jobs. There will be the legacy of the homes that are then available for Londoners after the Games move on. There will be the legacy of a stadium and, clearly, we will try to do a deal so that one of London's football clubs which is looking to relocate will move into a slimmed down stadium afterwards, thus releasing the area of their stadium for other purposes for Londoners. There will be the legacy of an Olympic?size swimming pool in a city where frankly swimming does not have a great priority and Londoners do not have the opportunities to swim as many in other cities do.

Those are just the headlines, then there are all the other things that will spin off. Out of this we should be able to rescue Bromley from its financial straits with the Crystal Palace site and that should be worked up into a fully modernised sports facility at Bromley that we can then use. There will be a whole range of things to engage young people. When I go into schools, now that its know we are bidding, and ask kids about it they are very enthusiastic about it. When I go into classes and ask how many of them would like to take part in the Olympics loads of hands go up. We have a real chance here of engaging young Londoners and getting them into a much healthier lifestyle. As you are the only Member of the Assembly I ever see in the pool I know you agree with me.