Nature Conservation Order

Committed By: 
The Mayor
Target Date: 
Wednesday, March 31, 2004


My staff have been in regular contact with planning enforcement officers at Havering since Christmas, providing advice and support. Most recently, they advised Havering to refer the issue to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs as a possible breach of the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations for uncultivated land.I will write to the Government urging them to introduce legislation to give local planning authorities the power to impose a "nature conservation order" as a means of last resort to protect non-statutory wildlife sites from damaging activities which are not covered by the planning system. . .<br/><br/>On 23/10/2003 Dave Dawsono in Environment advised that " we are aware that the Mayor will need to write to government on the issue, and we will draft a reply for him to consider"; he agreed that the commitment was 'in progress' but not yet met at that time.