Racism and Sexism (Supplementary) [10]

Session date: 
December 10, 2003
Question By: 
Valerie Shawcross
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
Sir John Stevens


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Answer for Racism and Sexism (Supplementary) [10]

Answer for Racism and Sexism (Supplementary) [10]

Answered By: 
Sir John Stevens

he task force is headed by Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur and others. I have had one or two interim reports. The task force will be reporting to me in January. It will obviously link up in some way or another with Sir Bill Morris' inquiry that is being done for the MPA. But this is short-term, direct action that needs to be taken both at the training school and elsewhere in terms of the programme and what is being discovered. We will have that report by January/February.

There is a meeting of the management board (the senior officers of the Met) on 6 January when we will be discussing the issues and seeing how we can take it forward. It will mostly look at recruiting, how we deal with diversity issues, and at some of the issues that have been highlighted by The Secret Policeman programme.