Finance and Co-odination

Plenary on 2003-10-15
Session date: 
October 15, 2003
Question By: 
Darren Johnson
City Hall Greens
Asked Of: 
Barbara Cassani (Chair of the Olympic Bid Company)


What do you think is appropriate local consultation on the siting and future use of Olympic Games facilities? .


Answer for Finance and Co-odination

Answer for Finance and Co-odination

Answered By: 
Barbara Cassani (Chair of the Olympic Bid Company)

Our view on consultation is that we want to do as much as we can, to be as open as we can, in as quick a way as we possibly can. So you will find that we will be looking for a consultation process that is ongoing, with a lot of information throughout the entire period. Because even when we fix upon the location of the venues and so forth we will be in discussion about who should be the legacy manager, if you will, of each of the locations. There will be a number of people with very strong opinions on that.

As I said, it is really a question of identifying the people to work with and sharing information as much as we can. We have begun the process. We have just hired a woman to work with us as a Community Relations Manager. She is someone who lives in the area and she is beginning to make an impact, but frankly it has only just started. I would ask for both your input and a little bit of your patience as we move to the period and we get into 2004 on consultation. .