Sport/Olympic Legacies

Plenary on 2003-10-15
Session date: 
October 15, 2003
Question By: 
Sally Hamwee
Liberal Democrats
Asked Of: 
Barbara Cassani (Chair of the Olympic Bid Company)


How can we ensure that the Games leave a lasting legacy, not just in facilities and infrastructure but also in the lives of ordinary Londoners, for example their enthusiasm for and participation in grass roots sports? Are there any plans to secure lasting sporting initiatives for Londoners such as free swimming for the under 18s for example? .


Answer for Sport/Olympic Legacies

Answer for Sport/Olympic Legacies

Answered By: 
Barbara Cassani (Chair of the Olympic Bid Company)

I have been having conversations with some of the national bodies about work that is already underway. As an example, I met with Sue Campbell, who is still involved in the Youth Sport Trust, but has also moved into the UK Sport role. We have been talking about using the existing initiatives of putting physical education co-ordinators into schools. We can use an initiative that is already in place to bring to light the role of the Olympics in encouraging children to be more involved and active in both the schools as well as in clubs in their areas. It is that linkage of the bid into existing activities that I think we can use to help supercharge the participation in schools.

The Olympic bid will not solve the problem of obesity in this country, but it can help by giving children a reason to get out onto the playing fields. It can give them the hope that they can earn a medal for their country and this is part of what will create momentum to provide a legacy for children, for sports themselves. My children are part of a swimming club here in London. There is a sense of these Games being for the young children of today. So getting into the pool more often, or getting on the track is very motivational - and we have not even won the Games yet. So I think there is a legacy both in actual things and in aspirations. .