Consultation with Older Londoners (Supplementary) [4]

Session date: 
October 23, 2002
Question By: 
Roger Evans
GLA Conservatives
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


A lot of elderly people who I know are concerned about the quality of their bus service. They are concerned about buses that travel too fast; swerve round corners; stop too fast; bus drivers using mobile phones. With a lot of your new buses there are fewer seats, so they are standing up more often to try and face these perils as well. What are you doing to improve the quality of bus rides for elderly people and for other passengers in London and will you make a decision to reverse your previous decision to reduce the standard of acceptable bus driving that TfL set from 80% to 70%? Will you put it back up to 80% and send a signal to our bus drivers and our bus companies that unacceptable driving is, in reality, unacceptable?


Answer for Consultation with Older Londoners (Supplementary) [4]

Answer for Consultation with Older Londoners (Supplementary) [4]

Answered By: 
The Mayor

The position is that we had a standard that we had never got within 10% of. It seems to me that if you are trying to improve standards you need to set a target that people can see is achievable. When you are 25% away you know that is not going to happen. Therefore, what we aimed to do is to have a target that is achievable but as the standard improves continue to move the target upwards. I do not know when the Assembly last interviewed and questioned Peter Hendy but a vast amount of work is going on now to improve the quality of driving, the quality of the drivers and to retain good drivers. I do think, given what has happened on our buses, most probably it is long past time for the Assembly to have a scrutiny at which they question the Managing Director of London Buses. A lot of this work is going ahead but we are getting no credit for it because buses aren't sexy and don't get news coverage.