Recycling Rates (Supplementary) [11]

Session date: 
November 13, 2002
Question By: 
Meg Hillier
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
John Duffy


But McDonald's and Coca-Cola talk about their positive approach to this in detail on their website, in their literature, particularly McDonald's, yet they haven't signed up. I can't understand what the hold-up is. Perhaps you can shed some light, John. You have these dealings with them.

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Answer for Recycling Rates (Supplementary) [11]

Answer for Recycling Rates (Supplementary) [11]

Answered By: 
John Duffy

Well, I have no direct dealings with McDonald's. I hear what you say and I think we should put pressure on them to sign up, and I'll take that back to London Remade and say we should put pressure on McDonald's.