Cycle Lanes

MQT on 2002-05-22
Session date: 
May 22, 2002
Question By: 
Jenny Jones
City Hall Greens
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Are you aware that this year's RAC survey found that if cycling were perceived to be safer with more cycle lanes, then a half of existing cyclists would use their bicycle more, a quarter of those with dormant cycles would start to use them and even 11% of those without cycles might be persuaded to start cycling. Are you convinced that TfL have the right balance between buses and cycling when it comes to the distibution of resources and the design of schemes like Vauxhall Cross and Finsbury Park station.



Answer for Cycle Lanes

Answer for Cycle Lanes

Answered By: 
The Mayor

The findings of the RAC survey are encouraging. They suggest that the work TfL is undertaking to improve matters for cyclists will be well received and lead to an increase in cycling. The response for my transport strategy showed overwhelming support for the introduction of measures which benefit cyclists and this survey obviously confirm this view. Specifically regarding Vauxhall Cross and Finsbury Park stations, I have to say that extensive facilities are proposed for cyclists within the schemes to improve public transport interchange at both locations.

Naturally, there's competing demands for space and safety considerations, and that requires a balance to be struck. The initial work for both Finsbury Park and Vauxhall Cross were begun by the local authorities, and TfL's involvement only started as a second section in July 2002. Lessons have been learnt from this, and the need to ensure early consultation with all legitimately interested parties to ensure that the needs of cyclists, pedestrians, and other motor transport are adequately catered for, have been taken on board. They were not in either instance here.

The transport strategy is seeking a 40% increase in bus services - in usage - but not all facilities sought by buses have been incorporated in the design for Finsbury Park, due to space constraints. Similarly, facilities for taxis have also had to be moderated for the same reason. The sites are too small to do all the things we would like to, and therefore neither cyclists, buses or taxis have got all that they wanted. But, cyclists have a genuine complaint, as they were not involved in any meaningful consultation when these schemes started under the local boroughs. .