Policing Football Matches

Plenary on 2002-11-13
Session date: 
November 13, 2002
Question By: 
Len Duvall OBE
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
Toby Harris


Currently football clubs are only required to contribute to policing costs for those officers on duty inside football stadia. How do you propose to secure contribution to cost of policing football matches for those officers on duty on streets surrounding football stadia? Are there plans to pursue funding from clubs other than those in the premiership? .


Answer for Policing Football Matches

Answer for Policing Football Matches

Answered By: 
Toby Harris

This is an issue which I have been keen to progress for some time now. Indeed, I held an initial meeting with premiership clubs in May to explore the issues. There is no doubt in my mind that the clubs have a responsibility for the actions of football supporters that does not end at the turnstiles.

An Accenture efficiency and effectiveness review of income generation has come to a similar conclusion. Accenture have recommended that we should determine a policy for the provision of policing and should then open negotiations with clubs to recover the full, directly attributable costs of policing these events. The Review Steering Group " myself, the Mayor and the Commissioner - supported this recommendation and the MPS will now bring forward proposals to the full Authority.

The Accenture review restricted their income generation review to premiership clubs. I feel that should be our initial focus, although the principle is the same for all London clubs.

However, I would not like to give the impression that we are in a position to impose a charge for MPS services. The current statutory position with regard to cost recovery outside football grounds is unhelpful. In the short-term, therefore, dialogue and agreement with the clubs and/or the F.A. represents the best option. .